Little Moaning Monday


Remember Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets fame?  Well, I’ve decided to create a mini-meme (probably lasting for today only). Pat, over at The Weaver of Grass was bemoaning her telephonic travails.I decided than one good bemoan deserves another, et, voila! (Actually, that should read, “et, voici” but colloquialisms being what they are…) Oh. Right. We introduce to you, Little Moaning Monday.

You know all those little pain in the a** things of modern life? They take up our time, but are actually funny when we recount them to others. I just decided to write one out for you today having been inspired by Pat.

We use our cell phones exclusively. Husband has to have one for his job, and I feel more secure when I travel out and about if I have one. (Once the car decided to not let me out of the seat belt and I had to call Ray from the front parking lot about 300 feet away to have him come get me out of the darn thing.)

But, anyway, my cell is designed so that if my cheek accidentally touches the touch screen (and whose cheek doesn’t do that?) it either hits the MUTE button or the OFF button. This happens A Lot, and results in the other party saying, “Hello? Hello?” repeatedly while I desperately press virtual buttons trying to UN-mute them -mostly to no avail. Of course, if I’ve disconnected them, I call them back. But the call goes into their voicemail because They are calling Me back. So then we both sit in silence for a few minutes waiting for each other to call back… Sigh.

🙂 m & jb who, being a cat, remains blissfully unaware of such problems

So that’s my Little Monday Moan. Haz you gotz one?


  1. No, but a cell phone moan…. When I talk into mine, my cheek brushes against it and pushes numbers, LOTS of numbers, VERY quickly, so that I can’t tell what the heck is going on because I can’t see the view screen because it’s pressed up against my cheek! And I think I’ve either disconnected the person to whom I am speaking, or that they have disconnected me, only to hear them say, in response my desperate “HELLO!! HELLO!!”, “What happened? Are you still there? What’s all that beeping??”


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  2. I wear hoop earrings most of the time and they hit the screen and hang it up. I’ve found that if I wait just those few tiny seconds until the screen goes dark after answering or calling someone then nothing happens when the earrings touch the screen. Took me long enough to figure that out.

    Too bad JB doesn’t like to make phone calls – it would be interesting to see who she would call. Maybe she’d call me since our initials are the same.


  3. You must have a smart phone. Mine is a dinosaur. The old fashioned flip style that I take with me when I travel. I use it only when I have to. No text, so fancy screen, very simple. Like me. I can’t think creative right now so I’ll just enjoy your post today.


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