I Lied

P1010083Two days ago posted a Wordless Wednesday of “Miss Jo Jo Bean” as a kitten lying on a quilt. Several of you said, “Nice quilt!” and I smugly preened, “Why, thank you.” Well, turns out, I lied. (Hangs head in shame.) Oh, it Did originate in the Champion household, but just not much with me. It is mainly the work of Mr. Champion aka Ray aka Husband.

It was made about two years ago for our third new grandchild, Andrew. Ray likes to design our little Christmas light display each year, so I asked if he’d like to have a go designing a quilt. I showed him some pre-cut 5″ fabric squares to choose from and some packs were duly ordered. He laid out the design on the floor of our little house and I sewed the top together. He chose the sea shell backing, I chose the red binding.

(Actually now that I think about it…) It took me hours upon hours upon…well, you get it…to cut, iron, and sew that puppy together. For example. just basting the top, the middle, and the back layers together with thread took eight hours. And for anyone who knows not quilting, that eight hours worth of basting thread? It’s only temporary. It All Gets Removed once the quilt is permanently quilted together by machine

So, upon further reflection, me’s a-thinkin’ maybe I lied only a little.



  1. What a wonderful legacy for your grandbaby! The example of teamwork and something cozy to snuggle under. I particularly like the personalized message. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the background on the Quilt’s creation, Maureen. You both made a good team and created a beautiful design as well. Hope you had a nice holiday weekend 💥


  3. It’s a beauty and so very special that both of you worked on creating it!! Very special and beautifully documented on the quilt itself!!


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