Does Desire for Coffee = Turning the Corner?

Candida albicans.

As some of you may know, I dance with multiple sclerosis. Mostly I lead, but sometimes, it does. A new neurologist suggested I take a rather new medication that, as a side effect, lowers white blood cell counts by 20-30%.

Once I got used to it, I was doing fine until a small throat irritation on June 2nd had turned into a bad fungal infection by the 5th. A couple days later it was raging out of control despite medication.  We immunosuppressed types are perverse that way. It is no stretch to say that I wondered more than once if I would die. And yes, the doctor did want me to go to the hospital- more than once. This morning, as I was feeling like I may have turned the corner (see post title), best friend Judy, picked that teachable moment to point out her exasperation with my mulish tendencies. Gotta love her.

This is day eleven in bed in case anyone is counting. I know Josephine is. Outside with Mommy has been nonexistent. Soon we will walk around all your favorite places till your heart’s content little one. I promise.

However it is that you pray or connect yourself to the Wonder of Wonders of Life, please think of me? Thank you in advance. And since Ray is now sick and at the doctor right this second, please, for Ray too?


  1. Oh, my goodness! I honestly don’t know what else to say. 11 days? in bed? ACK
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. As is Ray. And, of course, Josephine. 11 days? I can’t begin to imagine.
    I only wish I could offer more…and if wishes do come true…I say…
    Be well, my friend, be well.

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  2. You and Josephine had been so quiet that I was worrying about you. My sister-in-law has MS and it hurts to see her hurt and the toll it has taken on her body, it has yet to steal her spirit. Blessings and prayers for healing. I’d hate to lose you.

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  3. Sorry to read about the prolonged bout of not-feeling-so-good, Maureen and niw Ray as well. Hope you both will be feeling better soon so that Josephine can have her play buddy back again too.


  4. Ah, Maureen, I hope that’s exactly what desire for coffee means. You have been through so much. Prayers for you and now Ray. While I’m at it, I’ll pray for patience and a sweet spirit for JB. xo


  5. Dearest Maureen,
    You will be in my prayers, May God’s strengthen you and healing take place!
    Thank you for your sweet note – yes, neurological recovery takes a long time.
    Hugs from Nina


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