Commentary? (help, please)


Greetings Earthlings and Other Readers of this blog,

Because I have nothing better to do with my time, I fiddled around with a different WordPress theme which landed me here with the Sketch Theme. I like it a lot. It is clear with nice, big type. However, the one big drawback is: where the heck do ya put the comments?

So! I have put some directions on the blog. Your mission, oh readers o’ mine, should you decide to accept it, is to comment if you can. Find the directions, post a comment, lemme know if it’s too big a hassle. (You can email me if you can’t comment.)

Very truly yours,

maureen and josephine whose comment was, “I go back sleep now.”


    • well, when i look at my blog from my home page, nowhere does there appear number of comments under each post like other themes have. nowhere does there appear obvious place “leave comment here” but maybe that is just my view and not yours.


      • Ok, gotcha. It’s then half like my theme. What you are looking at is the summary page of all posts. When you click on an actual post, the comments box is there at the end of the post; but sure, when viewing on the home page (all posts in consecutive order), you don’t.

        On my blog theme it makes more sense, as the home page shows just an intro summary of each post, whereas yours shows the whole post. Maybe there is a ‘setting’ you can change, but I would guess it’s just a not very well thought out feature of that theme (says my old IT analyst head)

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  1. Like you I’ve got used to seeing the number of comments under the post title. I suppose, if you read a lot of blogs you eventually discover and get used to finding the comment form even when that’s not there, but your instructions will be very useful for any newbies landing here:-)


  2. i would not have figured it out without the instructions, on the right. i like the typeset but i had a hard time with the “lightness” of the letters. i had to move my screen around a bit, for it to be dark enough. but it could just be my eyes, they are far from perfect!!!!!! i like the uncluttered look you have here, i have tried to “clean” mine up but blogger forces you into some type of layout!!!!


  3. Thanks for posting the instruction on how tompost a comment, Maureen, as I would not have known the answer. I do like the clean look of the new format.


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