The Good, The Random, The Fun. #1


I have wanted to join in on Tamar’s Monday meme for a loooong time. However, my brain cells are annoyingly uncooperative at times. Oh well. What was I talking about? Oh! I remember! Tamar writes her blog Random-osity over at , and, as far as I can see, that is the way she lives her life -looking for the good, the random and the fun. So, here is my first offering.

The Good: Thanksgiving at darling stepdaughter’s house which included, among others, Ray (her dad and my husband-in white shirt), Ray’s first wife, Valerie -the one bending over, and her second husband, Andy-the one standing, and Andy’s father, Charles -far right with me hugging him. Apparently, when we blend a family, we REALLY blend it! And I cannot begin to tell you what love and healing has come out of this.


The Random: The snake that happened to cross the walkway just as the Pastor’s wife was leaving my house. I said, “Oh, look! A snake!” and she grabbed me and was literally trying to get her feet off the ground. Really. “Ok, now what?” would Not have been her reaction had she been eaten by said snake. (See top pix.)


The Fun: Same Thanksgiving dinner. Ray was trying to take a photo of the kids and me, and this is what he got. I am thoroughly enjoying my second childhood with them. This is a great blessing since my first childhood was not so hot.



  1. It looks like you blended well!! Are you hiding??? Camera shy??? I can barely see you but it feels like there was lots of love at that table!!


  2. Awww… You all look happy and very thankful! What a heart warming post, all except the snake. I would have been in your lap as well!
    Blessings, Debbie


  3. Aw! Such sweet family photos! I love that everyone is blended and still a ‘family’ ! How funny about the snake and the preacher’s wife! I am still laughing….. I can’t wait to relive my childhood with my first grandchild due in May! Hope you have a good week, my Dear. A hug xo Karen


  4. Sweet photos and lovely family. Well, except the snake. LOL! Thankfully, in Montreal, I don’t get to see any, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any, but then again, I don’t usually frequent places where I might come across any, with the exception of nature parks, but thankfully I haven’t seen any there, and for this I am very thankful.


  5. Your comment on my site about cribbage boards brought back such memories. My parents played cribbage every night for many years – it was their favourite game. I can hear them now saying, “fifteen two, fifteen four and a pair’s six! Thanks for the memory.


  6. nothing like happy family gatherings – lovely. Hope you are well. I’ve blogged (at last), last one for 2014 as I’m off home for some serious family time. Sending you blessings for the holiday period and as we enter 2015.


  7. Hi Maureen, loving this post, it’s title and your content. Just dropping by to wish you & your family the most wonderful Christmas. Take care, have fun & see you on the other side. xxx


  8. Hi Maureen,
    Oh such a lovely image of you with your grandchildren! That happens also to me sometimes, when I ask someone to grab the camera and take a picture of me with someone else – even it may not turn out as I imagined, something else and maybe even more fun & memorable, has been captured 🙂
    And the snake – wow – O have great respect on them … this one is very pretty – love the colors and the pattern on the back.
    Blessings to your weekend!
    Nina xx


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