We Are Back



Internet is a fickle mistress. Apparently, she has returned, despite our posting of a few hours ago. As the kids say, “Whatever!”

We now return to our regular programming…

Look at this major mondo groovy Purple Mushroom I found!  My shoes got all muddy from trekking across the wet ground with Josephine. She doesn’t care much for wet anything, but Outside is a siren song she can’t resist!



  1. Wow! That is quite the mushroom. Is it eatable?
    At first when I saw the picture of the mushroom in your shoe it looked like a little martian guy with eyes. 🙂 maybe I’m just tied, lol.


  2. That’s first time I have seen a purple mushroom -Wow!
    All the best to your coming week, Maureen 🙂
    Nina xxx
    PS: Your header is a-w-e-s-o-me! Josephine knows the good life!


  3. Is that myshroom eatable?
    Yes, in answer to your question on my blog, I wasa Senior Mistress in a large Comprehensive School (11 to 18) and my subjects were English and English as a Second Language ( I taught in an area with a huge number of immigrant children from the Punjab, who came in with very poor English skills.)


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