1. Oh dear… Quite the test I must say. Prayerfully, it will not be quite this detailed. 🙂 I will be holding you up in prayer. May the Lord give you peace and rest through out the test. Blessings to you, Debbie


  2. Will be praying for you!
    I had a copy of your graphic hanging above my desk for quite some time. However, it didn’t help the wall much. lol
    I had a stress test of my heart last year. The anticipation was far worse than the actual experience.
    Hoping all goes well for you tomorrow.
    Love and prayers,


  3. ohhhh I had that test, actually I was not able to complete it. I am not able to walk on a tred mill so that’s why it was ordered. For me, it was extremely uncomfortable, I hope you handle it better then I, I will be thinking of you!!


  4. My prayers will certainly be with you Maureen. Stress test! Wish I had taken it Monday! Made me laugh. I had gallbladder surgery on Monday and was a little stressed out about it. But, I seem to be recovering well from it. I hope your test is a breeze and all will go well. If I were closer I’d come and visit and bring you some soup!


  5. often bang my head on wall – never helps the stress!! Hope it goes better than you anticipate. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments – truly appreciate it. T xx


  6. A bit late in reading this post, Maureen, but by now it is done and over and hopefully all went well and your stress level has improved. Hoping you passed with flying colors!


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