1. How sweet. I am sure, if you are out walking him, everyone forgets the rain and is delighted at his attire.

    I forgot to use the word “sure” in my post today! My post and six words are about one of the kitties where I am renting a room in Mumbai.


  2. for sure, that is the cutest rain coat. Your posts always make me smile. Maureen, sorry for confusing you regarding where I live!! I’m only a temporary resident of Germany – real home for me is England, but I have also lived in the states of Georgia, California and Idaho in the last 20 years. It’s an adventure…. Have a great week. Kind regards, Theresa.


  3. Haha! Isn’t that CUTE! :-)) I found that when I posted Rubbish Tuesday on Tuesday, everyone else was posting theirs on Monday, and I think that’s true of just about all of the memes. It was very confusing, especially since I happen to think of Tuesday as being ON Tuesday. But I guess that’s just silly ole me. LOL Hope you have a fantastic day! Thanks for stopping in. I know what you mean about rising early to take these sweet critters outdoors. 🙂


  4. me again! I’m a Tetley British blend tea drinker too – when I’m not in the UK that is. Used to buy it in Walmart when we lived in the States, and our commissary here sells it too, but now I have to have the decaf version, which they don’t sell. The non British blend decaf Tetley they do sell is passable, but not as good as the “real” stuff!! Ah well, not long til I get a consignment of the real stuff. Theresa 🙂


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