Saturday’s Critters: Little Gracie’s Little Surprise

Over three years ago, my friends, Lucy and Donnie, saved two miniature horses (who Lucy named Gracie and Max) from unspeakably bad conditions on an old man’s farm.  After a very long rehabilitation -where they were inseparable- Lucy sent them to the racetrack for Max to be gelded by the track’s vet.  At the track, they stayed together in they same stall as they always had.  Then the two little horses went to live on the very nice farm of said horse veterinarian and his wife.  Gracie has always been a bit on the round side, so no one thought twice about her expanding girth.  Imagine the surprise, and the vet’s chagrin, when…..  The baby is no bigger than a little lamb. (This photo makes them both seem larger than they really are.) I love the sly but contented look on Gracie’s face. She’s a wonderful mother.  Update: Max, Gracie, (and baby who is now grown up) still live with the vet and his wife and are enjoying a wonderful life. This post is from the archive dated July 25, 2012. But since very few peeps read my blog back then, I thought I’d update it a bit, then bring it to the fore in case anyone else would care to enjoy it.
Photo courtesy of Lucy Krone.


  1. Oh wow, these miniature horses are so cute. I am so happy that Gracie and Max were rescued and are now safe in a happy home. Thank you so much for linking up with my critter party.. Enjoy your weekend!


  2. What absolute little sweeties Maureen.
    In answer to your question as to whether Quakers still allow dogs in the Meeting House. Yes they do.
    My friend, who is a widow and lives alone, is a Quaker and she takes her Jack Russell terrier, Sophie, to all meetings.


  3. Oh my goodness, my mother and I both love miniature horses! We've always wanted to have two. (Can't have one of course. They need a companion). Miniature Horses have got to be one of the most adorable critters on this planet!

    As evidenced by your lovely photo. Thanks for going down memory lane and then sharing it with us. It was sweet to read.


  4. I'm so glad you visited my blog, and now I can visit yours. What a precious story and picture. We had a dog years go that surprised us with ONE pup in her old age. That pup was given to a friend, whose mother had dementia…Ollie the dog, and her mom became the best of friends. This reminded me of that story.


  5. Oh, I love this story! What precious little dolls they are. Thanks so much for sharing it again! I of course, and so many others, would never have seen this sweet photo if you hadn't!


  6. Re your answer to my latest blog, Maureen. Please don't apologise for giving me too much information.
    I can never learn too much about my blog friends – it helps me to build up a picture of them in my mind.


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