The Cure for Star Blob

I crocheted a string of stars for the lovely Rose 
for her birthday a couple of years ago
That’s Rose.
She hung them on her screened porch…
…where the humidity turned them into blobs.
Rose asked if I could fix them since she had
starched and ironed them to no avail.
Enter Maureen, stage left, with wax paper, pins, paint brush, ironing board, and Elmer’s glue.
The grass looked a whole lot better in the spring.  
Gets too much shade in the summer.
Do I have to give them back? They look groovy on MY patio!
See the flowers Ray planted, and the faded rose petals I scattered across the grass yesterday? I always do that with faded roses.
That is one nice looking star if I do say so myself.
Josephine sat up like a groundhog to paw at them when I first hung them out, but soon returned to
contemplating the universe.

The End


  1. awwww, they are so sweet and so wonderful, BUT you must give them back. rose needs to have them because they made her smile, a super “star” smile!!!

    make some new ones, just for you…..they look awesome hanging on your porch, really awesome. i love how colorful and happy they look!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I love the crochet stars! Especially the red, white, and blue ones. Anything patriotic catches my eye. I'd love to have a string of those hanging in my windows. I enjoyed all your lovely pictures. It helps me know more about the “new friend” I've met! Thanks for visiting my blog, as usual.


  3. Oh I love your stars! And the multi-colored yarn is so pretty 🙂 You are very gifted, my friend. I say all the time that I would love to learn how to crochet and then I always say some day. . .

    Hugs to you!


  4. Haha! Josephine contemplating the universe how funny it does look like she's doing that sitting there in the background. That's pretty crochet work 🙂 And it's good that you knew how to fix them, they look great!


  5. What a wonderfull idea !
    I also love to crochet and I've worked up some. Your stars are but really nice for your enjoyment
    In addition, still, thanks for your dear comments on my blog.
    kind regards
    Jutta from Germany


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