For Those Who Wonder What I Look Like…

…here is a rather blurry-but-nice photo taken Saturday evening. I am on the right. The person on the left in the grey strapless gown is my sister-in-law, Jill, the Mother of the Bride.

14 thoughts

  1. awww, you have such a warm and beautiful smile!!! and lots of hair….i have very little but it's very easy for me to manage!!!

    it's a great picture, to bad it's blurry!!!


  2. So nice to see you,Maureen. It is really nice to put a face behind a blog name and we have come to enjoy doing so more often to let folks know who we are and what we look like. Hope all had a good time at the wedding.


  3. So you had a wedding on Saturday too. My grand-daughter got married on Saturday and my son took a good photograph of me – I shall ask him if I can use it to update my blog photo. It is nice to put the face to the name in your case.


  4. Hello Maureen,
    You are such a beautiful lady.
    Thank you for visiting my space, your comment on a compassionate heart was just beautiful. How wonderful that you are able to give of yourself in the lives of others.
    Gods blessings to you.
    Joy! Debbie


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