1. You have captured the moment! I can hear the sound you are making – sort of like a squeaky scream? Been there. One time hubby dumped fireplace ashes in the compost pile and the cats thought it was a new litter box. They tracked gray ash all over everything and guess what? It doesn't come out. 🙂 Had to repaint the deck……Gotta love them, though. Hope you have a good weekend, Maureen. Keep cozy. Hugs xo Karen


  2. Re your comment on Roger Deakin – indeed i have read it, as I have read all his books. He was one of life's real eccentrics (marvellous to read about but absolute hell to live with I imagine). Every one of his books is worth reading. He died tragically rather early from (I think) something like a brain tumour.


  3. You ask about dripping. It is the fat left in the roasting tin after roasting a piece of meat – most often beef – this is put into a basin and put in a cool place to set. It sets with fat on the top and a lovely brown jelly underneath.


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