‘Round and ‘Round and ‘Round We Go…

 One of my favorite buildings in DC is the beautifully rounded Jefferson Memorial. One of my favorite things in life is the moon. So, to find a picture of them together was a lovely find, indeed. 
 I just came inside after a bout moon-gazing. It never fails to calm me -and calming is sorely needed tonight.
My little cat, Josephine, is in the hospital after she gnawed on a lily. Lilies are one of the most toxic plants to cats -100% fatal after ingestion if prompt treatment to avoid kidney damage isn’t given.  After crying my eyes out, I was notified that my very pregnant daughter was hospitalized today for high blood pressure. And, I might mention, my own day started with an early morning doctor visit that included a discussion of checking for cancer.
Dawn is resting at home now; Josephine is receiving the right treatment and is resting on my bathrobe in her cage at the vet’s. I have finally stopped crying and am resting in bed after declaring I will never have another plant or flower in my house except roses and ferns which are not toxic to cats. This whirling, crazy day brought to my mind the words of a Joni Mitchell song, “The Circle Game,” from her very fine album, Ladies of the Canyon.
“And the seasons, they go round and round,
And the painted ponies go up and down,
We’re captured on the Carousel of Time.
We can’t return, we can only look
Behind from where we came,
And go round, and round, and round
In the Circle Game.”
But, you know, upon further reflection, I think I prefer to live by the lines of Ivy Baker Priest: “The world is round and what may seem like the end may also be the beginning.”
There. Better.

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  1. I like the last quote better. Keep thinking positive and visualizing those positive outcomes. So sorry about your kitty, I hope she makes a full recovery. Didn't know that about lilies and I have an Easter lily plant on my floor – I guess I'll be moving that! I hope your daughter is alright and it is good that they caught it and can monitor her closely during her pregnancy. And as far as your health, I am praying that all turns out well for you. Hugs, xoxo


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