Stacked, Stashed, Stilled


Well now, here I am working on today’s Joy Dare. The past two days have been warm and breezy here in central Maryland. I’ve had the French door open and have just laid quietly listening to the wind chimes that are hanging on the patio. The birds have been background singers as they are preparing to have their little birdie families. Chimes and birdsong and nothing much else. So nice. However, last night thunder and lightning ushered in a cold front and it’s sunny, windy and chilly today. Good thing Ray got his flowers in before the storm!
223. A gift stacked: speaking of birds, mourning dove nests! A few sticks that look like they were haphazardly stacked and will topple any second.
224. A gift stashed: in the closet, safe from Miss Josephine’s prowling ways, the crochet afghan I’m making for my great nephew.
225. A gift stilled: speaking of wind chimes, they’re quiet today. These were a gift I gave my mother many years ago, and now they’re mine. The wooden parts have been replaced and repainted three or four times over the years, but the chimes still ring true -just not today!

One comment

  1. It's so nice to have the French Doors opened up to listen to the wind chimes and birds. How sweet that it was once your Mother's and you have kept it in tune. Love the nest – a beautiful reminder of Spring even if the weather hasn't quite made up it's mind yet.
    Love the new blog, Maureen!
    Hugs, Karen xoxo


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