Three Gifts Read


I saw a piece on the CBS Evening News last week about a 89 year old WWII vet who has just learned how to read. What a joy it is to him!  Watch the short video.
208. It is a gift to read my favorite blogs.
209. It is a gift to read snail mail letters from my friends, Su and Robyn.
210. It is a gift to be reading a book where I found these words that I have been chewing on for several weeks: “God’s love is like the wind of the spirit of life. It blows one way and one way only, towards fuller and deeper life for ourselves and the world.” Thank you, Neville Ward.

One comment

  1. I saw that piece on the news, too! It did make me tear up! Love to read and can't imagine not being able to! Lovely words from Neville Ward. Hope your kitty is settling in! Hugs, xoxo


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