Bent, Broken, Beautiful


March 6th and it’s snowing here on the east coast. A heavy, wet snow. The weather peeps say we could have as much as 12″. We’ll see. Still doing One Thousand Gifts at a rate of three a day. Today’s challenge is a gift, bent, broken, beautiful…
I’ve always liked scars. Something has obviously ravaged a person, a place, or a thing, but here he is, here she is, here it is.
193. I guess nobody wanted her. She’s frightened and withdrawn. Bent, you could say.
194. She’s shaved and has a big scar on her abdomen. Broken, you could say.
195. I haven’t seen much of her, being, as she is, so withdrawn. But she’s our little, beautiful 5 month old tortoiseshell kitten. We brought her home from the rescue today. It being March, and me, loving Little Women as I do, I’m thinking of calling her Jo after Jo March, or “Jo-Jo”. Seems to fit.
We haven’t had a cat since out beloved Kirby died 6 1/2 years ago. I swear, all I was doing was going out for two skeins of yarn this morning!!! Did I mention that Hobby Lobby and Pet Smart are right next to each other? I’m an idiot.

One comment

  1. Oh, I just love that sweet face! How nice of you to adopt her. I just know she is going to be one very happy little kitty! Jo-Jo seems a perfect name for her. No, you are not an idiot. You can never have too much kitty love! xx


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