Three Gifts at Three PM


Well, here it is, March 1st, and, much to my surprise, I am still at it -writing down One Thousand Gifts at the rate of three per day. Today’s challenge is Three Gifts at Three PM.
178. Today, a dear patient knocked on my door at 3 PM.
179. She was in pain and in turmoil. She said it is a gift to go to a practitioner who understands nerve pain.
180. I didn’t freak out or beat myself up mentally (GIFT!) when she still had pain after the treatment. (And I also had her call her neurologist right then and there.)

On another topic, the picture above says Tangle & Tea @ 3. I found it at Open Seed Arts and the link is . There, I learned about Tangles! Fascinating. And, I also learned I have been doing them all my life -even before they were invented!

Comments happily accepted. I reply to each one here on the blog -directly below what you write!

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