Plan B

Three gifts that were plan B’s?  Ok. How about
148. my
149. entire
150. life
so far. You think I’m kidding, huh?


  1. Hi Maureen, I posted a comment and it posted twice, so I deleted one, but it deleted them both! Not sure if you are receiving two comments, or if it is just me seeing two. Anyway, wanted to explain that in case you think I am going loopy and posting double! xx


  2. O.k. now it's not doing it. Wow, I am seeing double today, I guess! Hope you are having a nice day and I think it is always good to have a plan 'B'. I always told me kids they needed to have a plan 'B' in case 'A' didn't work out. You do have to be flexible in this life! xoxo


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