Borrowed, Found, Inherited

The late, great J. Neville Ward

A high temperature of 23 degrees and a fine, dry kindT of snow is falling. Ray put out peanuts in the shell for the squirrels. Man, they were gone right quick! (Funny thing is neither of us have seen any squirrels venture forth since it’s been so cold.) So, he put out some more and, within a few minutes, announced that “a couple of small, gray Bluejays” were goin’ at them. Nope. Titmouses. (For enlightening discussion of why they really are ‘mouses, click here.) And one Bluejay.
Continuing to count One Thousand Gifts
73. A grace borrowed: my Goddog, Ollie, whenever I can get him.
74. A grace found: the writings of the late, erudite, Methodist minister,  J. Neville Ward.
75. A grace inherited: Irish-Hungarian stubborn tenacity.

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