Purse, Fridge, Heart


This is how I felt for most of the morning.  Lots of SCARY new things on the horizon this year. May I just hide in my shell, please? To combat a paralysis of fear, I cooked.  Creamy carrot soup for friend Rose who has had the flu; chicken soup for Ray and me.

I continue to count One Thousand Gifts. Today’s are…
16. In my purse: The dogeared photo of my crazy-loved, late cats, Kirby and Magic.
17. In my fridge: Freshly made chicken vegetable soup.
18. In my heart: Stubborn hope -the stuff I live on.

Now to relax and watch a little charmer of a movie, Letters to Juliet.
More tomorrow, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

One comment

  1. Very good gifts today, Maureen! There is nothing like homemade soup to soothe the soul. Life does sometimes take brave steps to move forward, doesn't it? But that is the only way we can go. Wishing you courage. xx


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