New Years Day 2013



    I never rush to take down my Christmas tree on January 1st.  My grandmother, Elizabeth, used to keep it up till January 7th -the day after Twelfth Night- and that’s what I do, too.  So, today Ray and I had a Pajama Day, watched the Tournament of Roses Parade and then the Kens Burns documentary about the dust bowl.  Oh, and we ate a little Hoppin’ John for good luck -Maryland being, after all, south of the Mason-Dixon line.
    Now, without further ado, here is the Great Public Unveiling of my resolutions for 2013.  Yikes!
  1. I will joyfully express the movement that is within me. v. Exercise daily.
  2. I will joyfully express the music that is within me. v. Practice piano.
  3. I will joyfully express the love that is within me. v. See patients, friends, and family.
When I thought about resolutions yesterday, I decided to write Joy Resolutions instead of drawing any lines in the sand and saying I will not cross them this year.  These three resolutions bubbled up and out in about 30 seconds flat, so…I’m taking it on faith these three are the right ones, or, at least, pretty good ones. I sincerely hope I can live in these joys this coming year more often than not, and that they change my life for the better.  Happy New year, everyone!  See you tomorrow, but before I go…

Writing down One Thousand Gifts this year -three each day.  Today’s are Three Gifts Heard:
1. My husband’s voice.
2. My best friend’s voice.
3. Christmas carols.

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