Fibonacci and Snowflakes

Snowflake Afghan Finished (3).JPG

Hello everyone… by popular demand (and since I am new to blogging, this means one person -namely  Cynthia ) here is sort of what the snowflake afghan looks like.  I had started it in February of 2011 with the idea of giving it as a Christmas gift to dear step-daughter and her husband. When she had her second baby in March, there I was, sitting in her hospital room, hooking away. I followed the directions, but it turned out to be too long and narrow.  So, in December, there I was frantically hooking more hexagons.  By the time I was done (the DAY before we were to leave to visit them) I was SO done with it. This is all by way of saying why I just folded it up and took a few pix. ( I won’t go into the various permutations of the edging before settling on just white single crochet.)  I was SO tired, and SO sure they wouldn’t even like it.  To my surprise, they loved it.  Huh.
Regarding Mr. Fibonacci , I am about to begin a (grey, white, and a little cardinal red) twin size afghan for my great-nephew, Tyler.  He graduates high school in June, and red and silver are his school colors. Nothing like cutting it close…


  1. That is a beautiful blanket! I love the snowflakes, I don't think I have ever seen anything like that, it is so pretty. I like the white edging, too! They must have loved it! xx


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