Ray and Rigor/Rieger Begonias

Husband does it every spring. Plunks a goodly amount of cash down on colorful flowers. Since money has been a bit tight of late, he didn’t plant anything this year. I was getting used to the fallow look, when he comes down the walk Sunday morning with flat after flat of shade-loving begonias and impatiens. He had happened upon a sale at Home Depot whilst going out for our Sunday coffee. (I won’t mention that the coffee place is nowhere near the Home Depot.) But he did get some beauts. New to me are Rigor Begonias. (Not in any way to be confused with Rigor Mortis. Sorry, my years of being a nurse crops up from time to time.) Big and rich in color. And they look like roses to me. He rubbed his hands together and exclaimed, “I’m gonna have some FUN!” And he did.
Oops Update: It’s Reiger, not Rigor. Poor Ray read it without his glasses. But, hey. It could have been Rigor as in “Rigorous” or “Tough” -right?


  1. hehehe….you are a piece of work!! Really made me laugh this morning!! I have never seen these before and the colors are just stunning. Good thing the “need for glasses” did not impact his color selection, lord knows what you would have ended up with!?!?

    I loved the coffee/Home Depot part of the story. I can't send the hubs to costco alone anymore, he comes home with half the store. He started to deny his intentional purchases, stating they must have belonged to the customer in front of him and ended up in his basket my accident. Silly boy, that's an old one and he learned it from me!!


  2. Ohhhhhhh my…those are Beauts! I love Begonias but it's been a while since I've grown any. When I lived in Wisconsin, I had an entire Begonia Garden! It was just beautiful! Now I have Hydrangeas…(had roses til this past winter ravaged all of them!)…and lots of veggies and herbs planted now.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on Stephanie's Blog today. While I know alot about my Gifts, there is ONE gift…Encouragement…that I'm not certain I have. Isn't that funny? I'd never thought about it before. But, since happening onto Roxy's Blog, then Stephanie's, then Pam's and now yours…the encouragement that all of you give to others…I find such comfort in it. All of you have your differences in how you give encouragement…but it settles me…calms me. I can't say I do that…but there are people who comment about how I do encourage them. I guess mine is a totally different type of encouragement. I'll have to think and pray about that a bit more. 🙂

    Thanks for the visit. I'm adding your Blog to my Blog List so I can visit you.

    Jan ♥


  3. Sounds like he got a great deal on the flowers. My mom grows Begonia's like these in planters on her front porch every year. They are lovely. I bet you will enjoy their beauty for the rest of the summer.


  4. I have never had much luck with begonias and impatiens have been even worse for me, but Ray's finds are lovely and you will have a very colorful yard for sure. The flower humor was funny too.


  5. Hi Maureen – I love the flowers here. I've been waiting for my daughter, who works at Menards, to notice when the flowers go on a good sale so we can dress up the flower beds around our home too!



  6. Oh my, these are gorgeous! Such vibrant color that puts a smile on my face 🙂

    I hope your week is going well, sweet lady. You are such a blessing to me and I greatly appreciate the comments you leave on my blog. Love and hugs to you!


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