Why I Have Gray Hair

Misplaced Josephine the other day.
Sitting on couch working on taxes. Mired in happiness. Yes, I am.
The Divine Miss J ensconced on blue rocker next to couch.
Hours and hours twenty minutes pass. J no longer on rocker.
Aww, will stretch and go peek at her sweetly curled up in her bed…my bed…the bedroom window. No cat, no cat, no cat.
Huh. Where..? Ah-ha! Behind French door drapes. She’s always there. Except now.
Scurry back down hall, onto knees, peer under bed. No. Cat.
Dash down hall in other direction, recheck rocker, recheck drapes, re-recheck rocker.
Check bathroom, kitchen, laundry, closet. Re-re-recheck rocker. (Maybe she quantum phased out and has phased back in.) NO CAT!!!
Door open. Oh no! Left her outside! She’s gone!
No…screen door shut and her bright green “going out” collar there on door knob. I know I took it off her when she and I came inside. Together.
Frantically scanning now: couch, rocker, recliner, other recliner, recliner, other recliner…lather, rinse, repeat.
Panic: WHERE IS SHE?!?! 
Cat black/brown/copper. Drapes white, couch blue, rocker blue, recliner blue, other recliner blue covered with a quilt.
The End. (see photo)


  1. Oh I love it ! and it's just what I do, check here, there and here again and there again! sweet Josephina oblivious to it all. Happy birthday. 59 was OK 🙂


  2. Oh, I know that frantic feeling! She really does have the perfect camouflage! So glad it was a happy ending – I was biting my fingernails!
    It looks like your blog is back on the blog roll and working once again. I have heard from other bloggers this week about problems with the blog roll. Sigh….computers….Hugs xo Karen


  3. bet she was having a good laugh watching you panic!! Anyway, back to your words and pictures of Friday – I learned something new today (as I embark on a month of poetry). A poem about a work of art, or inspired by a work of art is called an ekphrastic poem. I won't try it today, but maybe another day I'll write one about one of my own pieces of “art”! Happy April.


  4. Oh, I am so glad you found her! I hate that panicky feeling when one of the critters goes missing.
    I bet she was secretly watching you and giggling silently. (our cats do that at me all the time)
    What a pretty cat…and a perfect camouflage. 🙂


  5. I used to panic when I couldn’t find Mr. Man until I discovered that we would crawl between the quilt and the comforter on the bed and make a small lump next to the foot pillow. Now I know where to look. And in the closet. And under the bathtub. And under the bed. And under the armchair…


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